“ Écho d’Azur ” (Apple Music France Jazz Top Album #13) is ready !!


So thrilled to share our new album with you…

Rié FURUSE Trio “ Écho d’Azur ” (FEB 2021)

The album has ranked on 13th on Apple Music (France) Jazz Top Album(04.03.2021)

Apple Music(フランス)の“ジャズトップアルバム” の 13位


Deeply and truly grateful for all who worked so hard and supported us to make this happen from beginning to end …

You can also purchase CD (shipping from Japan and France) !

To those who wish CD (limited edition) please send an email to the following address :

CD(枚数限定)をご希望の方は下記 e-mail まで。


CD image

Bandcamp バンドキャンプ

APPLE MUSIC アップルミュージック

SPOTIFY スポーティファイ 

Enjoy !! お楽しみください!

A “New World” has just begun…

What a wild time we are going through…

In Paris where I live we just finished 55 days self-isolation period (quarantine).

This period definitely gave me some concentrations and inspirations.

Here’re some videos I would be happy to share with you, they’re taken on the 20th, 40th and 54th day of quarantine. Hope you enjoy!!

Best wishes always to the world…