Best wishes…

What a special time we shared…
A sincere & pure thanks to those who came to our live on my birthday at Sunset in Paris!
Lots of love ♡

Now… Paris ✈ ● ✈ ● ✈ Kumamoto, Japan!

Envie de…

Craving for creative activities now…

Can’t wait to sing for you, my Parisian friends!!

Monday, 22 septembre 2014

Rié FURUSE Trio concert at Sunside, Paris

Rié FURUSE (piano-vocal) Trio is back to Sunside, Paris!                                                   Rié will entertain you with beautiful Paris melodies accompanied by Marc PUJOL (percussion) and Gabriel GOSSE (guitar).

Previous Performance here!


Le parcours d’inspiration…

Un sincère et pure “ARIGATO” à vous tous qui nous avez soutenu à notre concert au Sunside! Cette soirée intime et chaleureuse avec vous restera dans mon coeur pour toujours… ♡

A sincere & pure “ARIGATO” to you who supported us at our concert at Sunside! This intimate and warm music night with you will stay in my heart forever… ♡

Rié FURUSE (vo&pf), Marc PUJOL (perc), Gabriel GOSSE (gt) et Utaco ICHISE (vln)

Sunside FEB 2014

Sunside FEB 2014 Sunside FEB 2014 1548194_279081505578259_889092877_o

Saigon notes en Français and Japanese

For the final of my tour in Saigon, I’m very honored to sing at IDECAF (Institut d’Echanges Culturels Avec la France A Ho Chi Minh Ville) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reestablishment of France-Vietnam and Japan-Vietnam diplomatic relations.Look forward to sharing some of my favourite Chansons Françaises and some songs from Japan with you, dear friends in Vietnam!!
Concert IDECAF