“ Écho d’Azur ” (Apple Music France Jazz Top Album #13) is ready !!


So thrilled to share our new album with you…

Rié FURUSE Trio “ Écho d’Azur ” (FEB 2021)

The album has ranked on 13th on Apple Music (France) Jazz Top Album(04.03.2021)

Apple Music(フランス)の“ジャズトップアルバム” の 13位


Deeply and truly grateful for all who worked so hard and supported us to make this happen from beginning to end …

You can also purchase CD (shipping from Japan and France) !

To those who wish CD (limited edition) please send an email to the following address :

CD(枚数限定)をご希望の方は下記 e-mail まで。


CD image

Bandcamp バンドキャンプ

APPLE MUSIC アップルミュージック

SPOTIFY スポーティファイ 

Enjoy !! お楽しみください!

New Videos ready !!

Truly delighted to share these 2 new videos from the recording studio filmed and edited by the talented cinematographer, Gianlorenzo Lombardi !

Sugarcane Rain will remain so special in many ways…

Please enjoy the beautiful lyrics by the renowned British lyricist Chris Mosdell (Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Ryuichi Sakamoto & YMO etc.) as well as colorful harmonies by young Parisian singers ! 


Further and Further, Deeper and Deeper is the song for all of us to keep moving forward despite of this unpredictable world…

Rié FURUSE trio New Album Écho d’Azur is on its way…. soon ready !! 


Sugarcane Rain はこれからも特別な1曲になることでしょう。



Further and Further, Deeper and Deeper は、今私たちが生きている、先の読めない世の中にも負けずに前進し続けよう、というメッセージを込めました。

古瀬里恵トリオの第2作、Écho d’Azur のリリースはもうすぐです!